Premium Kit Cars and Parts:

We are proud to announce that we are working on a full line of premium kit cars and trucks, in multiple price ranges, multiple materials (carbon fiber or fiberglass), and multiple chassis options. Because of our roots and passion in the custom car building industry, we have seen time and time again the poor quality kit car bodies and chassis that have flooded the industry and been given a sour reputation, and they’ve almost exclusively been made overseas. Poorly welded tube frames, “chopper-gun” bodies with sections of dry fiberglass, and bodies that move in the sunlight and refuse to allow a water-smooth paint finish.

Our kit cars are an entirely different animal, built right here in the USA in Knox, Indiana. Just like builders and owners tout steel bodies, we want them to tout their Fiber Forged Composites carbon fiber or fiberglass bodies. You know how you’ve always wanted flush-fit windows, smooth firewalls, and modern flush-fit headlight and taillight areas on that classic hot rod, but don’t have the time or means to accomplish it? We’ve got you covered. Our staff with a rich history in the hot rod world know what you’re looking for, so we’ve gotten rid of the large, terrible panel gaps, gotten rid of the excessive trim (but you can still add it later), tightened up the headlight and taillight areas for an ultra-modern appearance, developed a range of billet aluminum, steel, and stainless steel components, and designed custom interior panels.

Our kit car bodies utilize the RTM (resin transfer molding) production method. In addition to being pulled in under a near-perfect vacuum of 27 in/Hg, our resins are injected into the molds under at least 15 psi of pressure. The RTM process is what allows our parts to stand above the competition, with parts showing virtually no porosity and absolute resin infusion. Rest assured knowing that rather than leaving a sour taste in your mouth, our bodies will leave a sweet one.

We work hand-in-hand with Rothspeed, LLC to engineer and develop a line of high-quality, hardcore chassis that range from a lower-budget, simple frame to a hand-crafted artisan-built frame with billet control arms, custom rear end housings, Brembo brakes, liquid-cooled differentials, and just about every bell and whistle you’d want.

Our kit cars can include:

  • Complete rolling assembly, with body on chassis, brakes, suspension, built-in roll cage, headlights, taillights, wheels and tires, etc.
  • Body components sold individually to work with your compatible steel vehicle.
  • Full in-house completion of your car or truck
  • Install full electrical system
  • Install and tune full drivetrain
  • Show-stopping paint job
  • Full custom interior panels and upholstery
  • Complete turn-key package

Some of our upcoming kit cars:

  • 67-72 C10 Pickup
  • “XL Series” Cobra