Slide Check out one of our CNC Machines in action!

CNC Machining and Routing

We currently have a HAAS VM-6 large table 3 Axis CNC mill, HAAS VF-2 small footprint 3 Axis CNC Mill, and a 5’x10’ 5-axis CNC router. Between our full-service engineering & design team and our machinists, there is no limit to what we can manufacture! We can create precision parts with tight tolerances and surface finish callouts. From heavy equipment to land speed racing, we have capabilities to assist everyone in any industry!

Our CNC machining and routing services can include:

  • 5-axis-cut high-density foam molds for low volume composite parts.
  • Machining of billet aircraft grade aluminum, steel, stainless steel, ABS plastic, and much more!
  • High volume part production